Monday, 17 December 2007

The Shed - part one.

For what seems like at least 6 months we've been digging out the hill to the side of the cottage, flattening it, laying slabs and generally getting a piece of ground ready for a new shed.

Last week, with the ground nice and flat, we started the build and the first job was to put down a base for the shed to sit on.

After that, we'd presumed it would be an easy job to put the panels together and get the shed up however, when we opened the boxes and saw the amount of fixings, it became obvious it wasn't going to go up in an hour or so:

Anyways, weather permitting we headed out to get the shed put together and after some work this morning we had a fairly solid structure - and as it was freezing we also had very cold hands.

Carrying on this afternoon we got the four sides completed and the structure is fairly sturdy.

Last thing we had to do was drag a tarpaulin over the shed,
secure it,
realise the tarpaulin didn't quite cover the gap where the doors will go,
decide it was so cold we didn't care it would have to do for the night as rain isn't forecast,
come inside and heat up.

The roof and finishings will now have to wait til after Christmas so look out for "The Shed - part two".

Sunday, 16 December 2007

The Christmas Tree

The very nice tree man dropped off our Christmas tree on Thursday. On Friday we spent a happy hour staking it out and putting the lights on, and here it is: