Sunday, 31 August 2008

31st August - Pie

Friday, 29 August 2008

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

26th August - Meet the whales

Meet my whales. No names as yet, but Splash, Foam and Snorkel are looking like good possibilities. These are hand painted and were part of a charity auction by Huragano to benefit the Peru children project.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

23rd August - Elie

Next stop on the Fife coast was Elie. After parking up we spotted a working lighthouse and decided to make our way to it to investigate.....

We made it.

Note the shed being held down by chains. It must get windy out there.

Ange is moving in.

We then wandered over to a stone ruin and looking back you can see the lighthouse again.

Ange & Amber investigate the stone ruin / tower. Apparently in the olden days it was used by one of the important ladies of the area to change for "sea-bathing".

The view to sea as evening closes in.

23rd August - Aberdour

First stop on todays trip was Aberdour beach where we stopped for lunch.

While I had a snooze, Amber made a stone monument type thing.

The view out to sea.

22nd August - Edinburgh

Today with Amber at school we headed in to Edinburgh to go to a couple of art galleries. First stop was the Tracey Emin retrospective at the National Gallery of Modern Art. While it was interesting to see her work it was quite disturbing at the same time.

After that exhibition we went into the centre of Edinburgh and went to a shop that was holding a Phillippe Starck exhibition before heading down to the Royal Scottish Academy to see the Impressionism in Scotland exhibition.

Anyways, instead of taking a pic of anything we saw, I took a pic of some road signs in the Dean Gallery. Lovely.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

19th August - Rainbow

Just for a change, it was raining. But then, amazingly, the sun came out and provided us with a rainbow.

16th August - Dumyat - Heth day 10

Today, feeling fit, we decided to head out and climb Dumyat.

We noticed this sheep keeping an eye on things as it surveyed the Forth.

Heather and Amber in the heather.

A view of us walking into the heather covered hill.

Made it to the top.

More sheep spying from the top of the ridge.

If someone wants to hand out the rifles I'm willing to help out.

Friday, 22 August 2008

15th August - Edinburgh - Heth day 9

Today we headed in to the fringe to go to see the artwork of Cliff Wright and also to attend a short drawing lesson by him. It wasn't in this church but we passed it on the way to the exhibition.

Heres my car waiting for us to return.

10th August - Stirling Castle - Heth day 4

Today we headed off to Stirling Castle.

Arty b&w picture.

The roof of the refurbished part.

More detail of the roof.

One of the tapestries they're creating at the castle. Apparently they will be finished by 2013.

Another view.

A man making pies. Mmm, pies.

Yummy pigs head.

View from the castle to the Wallace Monument.

A view of the entrance to the castle.

The lunch of kings. Haggis, neeps and tatties.

Robert the Bruce.

A pyramid in the cemetery.

A 17th century manor house. Allegedly the best in Scotland.

A close up.

More pies. Mmm, pies.

The only way to store food, who needs a fridge?

Where the beer got made.

A view of Stirling Castle from way underneath it.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

8th August - Edinburgh Fringe - Heth day 2

Today we headed in to Edinburgh for a kids show, "The Greatest Bubble Show On Earth". Basically a man blowing bubbles for an hour - what a way to make a living ehh?

First off though, we had to go to the Fringe Box Office to sort out the ticketing fiasco we've had for various shows this year - we wont be buying any tickets next year over the internet from this bunch of jokers I can tell you.

Then down to the venue which was a church, unfortunately there will be no healing during the fringe.

The view from the garden as we waited to go in to the show.

A locked girls entrance into what looked like a big wall.

Around the back of Edinburgh Castle.

Around the front of Edinburgh Castle.