Thursday, 19 February 2009

19 February 2009 - Hampstead

Today we went over to North Finchley to meet a friend for lunch. Afterwards we headed over to Hampstead to have a wander round.

We stopped in Maison Blanc for coffee and cake, afterwards, Ange and Amber sat and gazed in wonder at the place.

18th February - Elephant wrapping

Part of the reason for the trip to London in the half term break was to empty the house there of stuff. To this end, I wrapped Heather's elephant statue in bubble wrap - soon he will be in storage...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

15th February - London

Seeing as we're down in the big smoke for half term week we thought today we'd head in to town to go to a couple of the markets. En route we saw this interesting sculpture outside Liverpool St. station.

Just the other side of Liverpool St. is Petticoat Lane Market. After what seemed like years walking through it we emerged the other side with a new trilby for Amber. She now resembles an east end wise guy.

Next stop, Old Spitalfields Market. This has changed considerably from my time. No longer is it a huge cavernous space filled with stalls. Now, there are proper restaurants and shops alongside a fair number of stalls, still good fun to walk around though. Again, Amber emerged the winner as she got a new top for her current "goth" phase.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

8th February - Edinburgh

Today we headed in to Edinburgh. Originally we were going to watch Ange's niece play rugby for Scotland however en route we got a text to say she wasn't in the team so we diverted to IKEA for sundry shopping before heading in to GOMA - braving the rugby fans going to Murrayfield as we did - to see what art they had on display.