Sunday, 29 March 2009

29 March 2009 - Culross

This afternoon we headed over to Culross to have a look at the palace. Unfortunately it was shut so we just had a look round the garden instead. Below is the view over the palace towards the Forth, in the far left you can just make out the Forth Road Bridge.

Below is the garden and the back of the palace.

Amber found a house where only she could fit in the front door.

And at the end of the day, coffee and cake at the Biscuit Cafe.

29th March 2009 - Chocolate bread & butter pudding

Following on from the regular bread & butter pudding last week, this week it was turn of the chocolate variety.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

01st March 2009 - Anstruther

Today it was my birthday and Amber surprised me by making a breakfast of cookies, marshmallows, blueberries and a geobar.

This was followed by cake.

Afterwards, we headed out to Anstruther to sample the "Fish & Chip Shop of the Year 2008/09" fish and chips. After having to queue for a wee while we got seated and thoroughly enjoyed our fish suppers.

After the meal we got ice cream to go which we finished by the harbour, Ange finished first and headed off to look at the art in the "Harbour Gallery", Amber and I waited for her to come back having read the real name of the cafe she was heading towards - "Harbour Galley".

We headed up the coast slightly to Cellardyke when the skies began to cover over and threatened rain.

Then on the way back through Cellardyke, we stopped again to marvel at the clothes drying green which seemed to be on its own harbour.