Saturday, 17 May 2008

16th May 2008

Bomber command - The eagles have landed.

Monday, 12 May 2008

12th May 2008 - Charlotte - Day four

Last day of the whistlestop tour to Scotland and firstly we took in Glasgow. After numerous trips round George Square trying to find a parking space we ended up in a car park 3 or 4 streets away. Wandered down to GOMA then up to Princes Square.

After a quick stop in Greggs for sarnies we headed over to the Kelvingrove, sat outside to eat the sarnies then had a quick 30 mins looking round before we headed back to the cottage.

After having tea at Corrieris we headed up to Sheriffmuir to take in the views.

I then broke the passenger window in the car so it was a tad windy and chilly on the way home.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

11th May 2008 - Charlotte - Day three

Today we headed over to Loch Lomond and enjoyed the warm weather relaxing on the bank of the loch.

Then we drove down to Luss to check it out.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

10th May 2008 - Charlotte - Day two

After a leisurely breakfast we set off on todays road trip. First stop was St. Andrews for a toilet break then we headed up the road to the beach at Kingsbarns for a picnic.

Short jaunt up the road to Crail and after some rather expert parking we wandered down to the harbour. En route Charlotte ran into some people she knew who are in the band Belleruche and who were performing at the Jazz Bar in Edinburgh - its a small world.

Stopped off again in St. Andrews for cake on the way home then drove back through the driving rain to the cottage.

09th May 2008 - Charlotte arrives

Today Charlotte made trip to the cottage via Las Vegas, London and Edinburgh. Although heavily jet-lagged we forced her to see the local sights in an attempt to keep her awake.

First stop was the Wallace Monument.

Then we headed over to Stirling Castle to see the views.

Then we headed up towards the Trossachs and stopped off on the banks of Loch Lubnaig.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

04th May 2008 - Portrack House

We'd seen on the news that Portrack House was opening its gardens for one day so decided to head down to Dumfries to have a look. They were designed by Charles Jencks and are known as the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

03rd May 2008 - Loch Katrine

Today we went for a cycle along the banks of Loch Katrine, this was the view we had at lunch.

Monday, 5 May 2008

17th April 2008 - Dallas

Today we went to the art fair in Fort Worth.

Next stop was the stockyards.

Then after an evening trip to see
Horton Hears A Hoo at the cinema (and saw a trailer for Kung Fu Panda - its a must see), we braved the thunderstorms to get a coffee from Starbucks.

15th April 2008 - Dallas

Tonight, we went for a walk up to the lake.

14th April 2008 - Dallas

Today's jaunt was to the Dallas Arboretum.

Followed by a trip to an Egyptian pizza restaurant, which had opposite it an old Dr. Peppers factory which had been redeveloped into housing with some pretty impressive painting on it.

Has Babe Ruth been reincarnated?

12th April 2008 - Dallas

Today we went to Six Flags and went into the sky.

11th April 2008 - Dallas

Check out the SUV.

9th April 2008 - Dallas

We didn't go in here but I loved the name of the place.

22nd March 2008 - Shed

"Shed 1" was destroyed in the Winter storms so here is "Shed 2".
It's lucky I work at a timber frame company, they made, delivered and installed it for us.

21 March 2008 - North Berwick

Today we took a trip up to North Berwick and saw the wild sea.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

9th March 2008 - Hail

Out of nowhere, hail came.

24th February 2008 - Callendar

Today we went for a trip up to Callendar and realised just how much it had been raining there.

9th February 2008 - Ayr

Today we took a trip down to Ayr, went to the beach.

Drove past the cottage where Burns was born.

Then was amazed on the Electric Brae.

4th January 2008 - Snow

Today, we had snow.

27 December 2007

Today we went to the British Museum to see the terracotta army exhibition.