Friday, 30 April 2010

17 April 2010 - Culross

What is the best thing you can do when it is a lovely sunny day, albeit a bit windy? Go for a cycle. Packed up the bikes on the bike rack and headed over to the cycle path in Culross. After heading right towards Kincardine and having a rather nasty fight against the wind [with numerous moans from Amber] we headed left with the wind behind us. Had to make an interesting crossing across the railway line with our bikes.

Great views of the forth estuary and a really good cycle track. It followed the shoreline for a good 3 or 4 miles.

After plenty of fresh air in our lungs we cycled back to the car ....... against the dreaded wind. Multi moans from Amber!!!

10 April 2010 - Oban

It had been many years since I went to Oban and neither Andrew or Amber had been there. It only seemed right with the good weather to take a run up there and see if my memories of the place remained true.

What fantastic views of the sea from the north end of Oban.

We then headed back into the town centre to go exploring.

Here's a little boat having a rest against the harbour wall.

I was amazed how blue the sea looked!!!

Oban harbour front is the epitomy of the perfect postcard.

I remembered the round structure on the hill being there. Always thought Oban were trying to get their own colosseum. Alas it is the McCaig's Tower or should that be a folly. Built of Bonawe granite taken from the quarries across Airds Bay, on Loch Etive, from Muckairn. It's about 200 metres in diameter and has 94 arches. Yes I counted them!!! Apparently it cost of £5,000 to build back in around 1897. Bargain!!!

Strolled around the harbour for a while.

After sharing a rather large fish supper we headed back on our way home stopping off at Easdale, a coastal place near Oban.

It used to have a pier.

The village of Easdale itself consisted of a stretch of small houses below a large cliff front. With some fab views out to sea.

We were rewarded with a lovely sunset too.

There are certain things nature gets so right.

I have to congratulate Andrew for some fanastic photos of the sunset. I could look at them all day.

04 April 2010 - Easter

Heres me with Molly - my Easter chocolate cow.

And heres Pablo trying to get a look in with Molly.

Don't worry though, I managed to snarf Molly down before she ran off with Pablo.

02 April 2010 - St. Andrews

Today we headed up to St. Andrews. Ange and Amber seemed to spend about 400 years in a shoe shop while I paced the streets finding the best cake shop - one that sells HUGE fairy cakes.

We then drove up to Kingsbarns for a walk on the beach before stopping off just outside St. Andrews on the way home to get this pic:

01 April 2010 - Loch Venachar

Having been made redundant and having a lot of spare time on my hands I decided to head up to Loch Katrine to see if I could cycle round it however, as I was passing Loch Venachar I got a phone call asking me to go for a second interview (at what is now my new employer).

So, instead of a long cycle I only had time to stop to turn the motor round, take 3 pictures, then head home to don a whistle and head off to the interview.

27 March 2010 - Kirkcaldy

Today we went to the Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery to see the Jack Vettriano exhibition that is previewing there.

30 March 2010 - Snow

Just when you thought you'd got through the snow of the winter - more of it comes.