Tuesday, 28 December 2010

05 December 2010 - Theodore

Ambers new guinea pig.

01 December 2010 - Snow

Ahh, definitely thawing. Maybe.

The cows are enjoying the view from the hill.

30 November 2010 - Snow

Is the snow beginning to clear?

If so, theres not much hope of getting into Ambers house.

29 November 2010 - Snow

Lets see, more snow?

28 November 2010 - Snow

Today, we woke up to even more snow.

27 November 2010 - Snow

Out of nowhere, snow has arrived.

13 November 2010 - National Museum of Scotland

Today we headed into Edinburgh, while Ange went for some retail therapy up George Street, Amber & I headed to the National Museum of Scotland. The first thing you see when you get in is one of Jackie Stewarts old F1 racing cars.

The current exhibition is about lighthouses, this is one of the early Fresnel lenses.

Amber is checking out some of the large lightbulbs.

Anyone recognise the Charles Rennie Mackintosh willow panels?

I liked this boot scraper.

Anyone not seen this famous Scottish film celebrating whisky drinking?

Interesting chaps in the basement.

Monday, 8 November 2010

06 November 2010 - Dundee

Today we headed up to Dundee to see the exhibition detailing the designs shortlisted for the new V&A to be built in Dundee. This link will tell you which design won.

Next stop was the McManus.

I liked this picture.

Now, whats that up in the roof beams?

Ahh, its some weird monster holding a chimney stack.

Nice staircase.

Interesting lights in coloured bottles.

The Michelin man - a huge Dundee favourite.

31 October 2010 - Halloween

The pumpkins are keeping guard on the cottage.

31 October 2010 - Kilmahog to Balquhidder

Today I headed up to Kilmahog to go for a bike ride. This was the first loch I cycled along.

Eleven & a half miles in and the tea room is shut. Excellent.

Another loch.

And another.

30 October 2010 - Kirkcaldy

This weekend we headed up to Kirkcaldy for a cycle. This is the view on the front.

09 October 2010 - Dundee

Another weekend, another cycle in Dundee. This time we headed up to Tentsmuir Forest then cycled towards Dundee. This is a small harbour in Tayport.

These are the public toilets in Tayport.

In the background you can see the road bridge. In the foreground you can see some cows :)

02 October 2010 - Dundee

Today we headed up to Dundee with our bikes. We parked in Camperdown Park then tried to figure out how to get out of it and onto the Dundee green circular route which would take us round Dundee. Eventually we got on track, this is the view over the Tay towards the road bridge.

This is the view to the rail bridge the other way.

And this is the Tescos that Ange was in utilising the toilet facilities while I was taking the above pics.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

26 September 2010 - Doors Open

Todays doors open took us to see the "Japanese house" in Portobello.


The back.

25 September 2010 - Edinburgh

Today was part of the Doors Open days in Edinburgh. First stop for us was the Anatomy Lecture Theatre and Anatomy Resource Centre in Teviot Place. Upstairs they had some interesting objects on display - including the skeleton of Burke (of Burke & Hare infamy) and a very steep lecture theatre while downstairs, they had an elephant skeleton.

Next stop was the Talbot Rice Gallery. You had to wander through these refurbishment works to get to it.

Quite an impressive room.

I liked this piece by Julie Roberts.

Final doors open of the day was the Stewarts Melville boys school. It was a very interesting tour - and in the kids canteen they had very tasty cakes, lovely.

11 September 2010 - Edinburgh

The morning after the night before. Same view in the day.

And looking the other way towards Princes St.

This was our bedroom.

Theres that castle again.

Amber is waaaaaaaaay down the corridor.

The bedroom ceiling.

While walking around Edinburgh we came across this archway to what was Stockbridge Market.