Sunday, 28 September 2008

28th September - Torness pt2

This is what Torness would look like if the sky was blue, the grass was green and Torness was newly whitewashed.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

27th September - Wii

Ange has done it - perfect COG.

27th September - Torness

Today we set off for South Queensferry to have a look at a show house which was meant to be built "eco", it was very nice but not overly "eco". Next stop was the Gyle shopping centre where Amber managed to spend her pocket money very quickly, she is now the proud owner of a battery powered hamster in a ball.

Next we headed down towards Berwick to look at some more houses - but couldn't find them. Still, we did find Torness nuclear power station en route.

26th September - Pie

Tonights apple pie. Yummy.

Monday, 22 September 2008

22nd September - Shrooms

They're taking over the garden...

And here they are after Amber formally named them.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Saturday, 13 September 2008

13th September - Tales from my mobile

So, 6 months after getting it, I've worked out how to transfer pics from my phone onto the pc. The following is 6 months of random snapping. First up is the dunkin donuts bag from Dallas, I love donuts.

My ferrari.

A busy junction in Dallas that tried to confuse me.

Our BA plane at Dallas airport waiting to wing us back to Heathrow.

A rabbit snarfing the grass in the front garden.

A visit to the modern art museum in Glasgow yielded this wondrous exhibit.

And this one.

A random building in Glasgow.

A random street in Glasgow.

The Kelvingrove Art Museum.

The Allan Water at Bridge of Allan.

We took a trip to to Baxters at Tullibardine, they normally have some "tasters" to eat, oatcakes with cheese, crackers with dips, soup etc., but this time, it was carrots. How disappointing?

The view at the wee bridge.

Ange & I went over to Falkirk to look at some flats that were for sale, they were a "tad" rundown. This one had had its front door kicked in and part of the wall kicked in to allow the previous tenants back in to collect their drugs "stash". They even left a note for the police, how kind.

Lochside view from when we went out to dinner with Cathie & Bob.

Picture in the gents toilets from when we went out to dinner with Cathie & Bob.

View of the Forth from Boness.

My favourite pig mug has met its end.

A wasps nest in the shed.

And another.

At the time, what we thought was a "gate" in the hill at the back.

Pig having a day out from the shed.

The "gate" became two bedsteads.

The hole in the hill.

Linlithgow Palace.

Kylie concert at the SECC.

There she is.

This was meant to be a picture of the huge cake I was having but I managed to almost completely miss the plate, genius.

Edinburgh airport, waiting for the plane.

A phone box in Wimbledon that has seen better days.

Brighton beach, rock sculpture.

Panda dressing up.

Ahh, the Green Welly Stop, very good pie.

Edinburgh Fringe, we saw Otis Lee Crenshaw here, very very good.

Juice bar at the fringe.

Graffiti covered box thing.

A guide on how to wash your hands. Tricky stuff.

Rainbow in Kinbuck.

On a trip to Glasgow, I wandered over the Clyde.

And again.

And again.

A rainbow in Stirling.

A rainbow in Fallin. Yes, it rains a lot in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle from George St.