Sunday, 29 June 2008

29th June - More pumpkins...

Will they be ready for 31st October?

27th June - Pumpkin fun

As you can see, Ange is starting to catch up.

And the veggies are coming along nicely.

My trainers though are coming to the end of the line. Seeing as I bought them in Florida 10 years ago they've served me pretty well.

Friday, 20 June 2008

20th June - Garden update

Ambers pumpkins have shown their first signs of life, Anges are still sleeping.

Whatever these are in the tub on the back gate - they've started to grow too.

The cabbage, broccoli and carrots have come on leaps and bounds.

And I stood in the bin.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

15th June - Cottage

We've started a tiny little vegetable patch in the back garden, so far the cabbages and broccoli are coming along fine - but theres no sign of the carrots.

Below are the two bedsteads I dug out of the hill, I thought it was a gate when I first came across it in the hill, but either way, why would two bedsteads be in a hill?

Finally, heres the oil tank, today I cleared all the overgrown bushes from over and around it. The oil man will be able to fill it up again now. Also take note of the firewood left to dry on the grass, that'll keep us going in fires over the winter.

Monday, 9 June 2008

1st June - FLAN ! ! ! ! !


25th May 2008 - St. Andrews, Secret Bunker, Crail

Today we headed up to St. Andrews for a picnic on the beach, unfortunately as it was so windy we just sat in the car but did get to see the view.

Next stop was the "Secret Bunker", which was used during the Cold War and not - as we all assumed - during World War 2.

On one of the walls in one of the rooms was this Army recruitment poster.

Next stop was Crail for a look at the shops and some galleries. We found this lovely big round stone:

And the two no 46's.