Sunday, 6 May 2012

29 April 2012 - Dunollie Castle

Next stop - and only a few miles down the road from Dunstaffnage Castle - was Dunollie Castle.  While Dunstaffnage isn't exactly in the best of condition, its a whole lot better than Dunollie.

This is the view from inside the castle - first floor.

Double glazing is missing.

Safety sign letting you know of "recent" stone falls.  Dated 1997.

Sign underneath asking for donations to help repair Dunollie.  Doesn't seem like they've been given too much in the last 15 years.

View from the castle looking back towards Oban - the ferry is on its way out to the islands.

29 April 2012 - Dunstaffnage Castle

Today, we headed towards Oban and our first stop was Dunstaffnage Castle.  This castle was apparently built before 1725 and has some pretty strong historical links as not only was it captured by Robert the Bruce, it was also a prison for Flora McDonald - that pesky Bonnie Prince Charlie has a lot to answer for.

10 March 2012 - Cottage

Look at our new neighbour - he's a bit scary.