Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Tuesday 13th November - Geneva

Our last day in Geneva so as usual we were up at 8ish and off to get breakfast. After that, it was time for Ange to pack the cases while Amber and I went for a quick walk to the shops in order to buy more CHOCOLATE.

Wandered back to the hotel and Ange was finished with the packing so around 11 we checked out and headed off to Cirque in order to get a tram to the station.

Below is a pic of the hotel from the front and the tram as it came in to get us.

The plan at the station had been to get a bus to the airport however, there didn't seem to be a bus that went from the station to the airport. There was a notice telling you where you could get a bus from but as it was in French I couldn't understand it.

So, being at the train station, we got a train to the airport.

Getting off the train at the airport we were standing at the exit waiting for it to come in to the platform. A chap who had been in the toilet came out and moving to the side tripped over my suitcase and fell towards the exit, Ange thought he was pushing to get out first so gave him a mouthful - how funny for me?

At the airport Easyjet had yet another different check in system. Basically you tap all the details in to a machine to get your boarding tickets and luggage tags - then you queue up to hand over your baggage.

Running out of time now to spend my leftover currency so I had a mad dash round the shops spending my last few francs - and even some euros - getting coffee, muffins, a magazine, some water and some sweets. Thats left me with less than 1 franc to hold on to.

The plane was called on time and we duly got on, the flight was pretty empty and as we moved down one of the stewards told us to sit at the back to even up the weight, Ange let him know in no uncertain terms that she preferred to sit at the front as its quieter and he acquiesced very quickly.

Smoother flight back to the UK than out and we were home in no time.

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