Saturday, 5 July 2008

5th July - Doune & Dunblane Agricultural Show

Today we headed down to the Doune & Dunblane Agricultural Show. The first thing to greet you when you get there was the tractors.

Here they are all in a line.

This chap was making wood sculptures using a chainsaw.

Various birds of prey.

The newer tractors that were for sale.

Big horses.

Cows being judged.

Sheep with big ears.

More animals.

More sheep.

A big bull.

Scary sheep.

The Aberdeen Angus being judged.

Highland cows.

Huge blonde bulls having a rest after some hard walking around.

Couple of cows.

The goats.

Tiny horses.

More tiny horses.

And even more tiny horses.

Two men in bowler hats in a field.

Horse jumping.

The winner of the tractor competition. A fine Massey Ferguson.

More tractors.

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