Saturday, 25 October 2008

15th October - Cannes

Day started as usual with Andrew returning from the boulangerie with our breakfast! Bit of a mix up with which boulangerie was open and which was closed!!! You just can't get the staff nowadays. Today was our trip to Cannes with various stops on the way.

First stop was a lovely town called Bormes des Mimosas which at first appeared to consist of a roundabout! We then followed signs for the tourist information which took us up quite a steep hill towards what turned out the be the main town centre. Once again a feature of these little hillside towns are the amazing views.

Flowers and shrubs lines the streets and the main public carparks. Loved these pretty little blue flowers. Another photo opportunity not to be missed from Amber.

Back in the car and further up the coast on our travels we stopped off at another town called Lavendou. Not a particular favourite. The harbour front was more of a working harbour and the cafes and bars that lined it were more reminiscent of Ibiza!!!! Thankfully it wasn't the full blown tourist season so it was quiet and we had the chance to just wander around the marina. Stumbled across an underwater exploration boat!

C'mon Amber, raise the anchor!!!!

Quick toilet stop at one of those fancy modern loos!!! Well we just couldn't resist and quick photo for our album.

it's like a tardis inside.........

and then back to continue our roadtrip to Cannes. We stopped just a few miles north of Lavendou to take some pictures over the cliffs and out to the mediterranean. Discovered a set of steps leading down to a tiny beach. In our enthusiasm to get to see the little beach we didn't discover until last minute it was a beach currently in use by 2 nudists!!! Much to Amber's amusement. Still we got a couple of carefully positioned photos for our album. Scenery only folks!!!

A stop for lunch at a beach, but this time not a nudist beach. It was the beach at Gigaro. With so many stops off at the seaside I'd promised Amber she could go in for a paddle this time. Not wanting to miss out on the fun Andrew launched himself out in the sea for a little swim.

promptly joined by Amber.........

whilst I sat on the beach taking care of our picnic lunch!!!!

Before we headed back on the road to Nice, Amber was keen to develop her Robinson Crusoe skills and built this.......... this........ eh.......... rather airy beach hut!!! Kept shouting out she is the "Creator."

As you can see it was a lovely, quiet beach with only a few other people hanging about.

Cannes was beckoning us so it was back on the road passing some impressive viaducts carrying the main railway north.

Almost bizarrely the landscape then changed suddenly and we came upon these red mountains which were more akin to the ones you would see in the Wild West.

Finally we arrived in Cannes and parked up and headed for a bite to eat at 72 Croisette, on the main street on the seafront in Cannes. The food was good but I enjoyed just people watching as we ate. Had Andrew laughing at one point when this very well to do gentleman walked by and waved and smiled at me. Naturally I returned the hello. It was then that Andrew pointed out he'd actually waved and smiled at the waiter who was standing at the table behind me. Obviously I couldn't see him but Andrew could see him wave and smile at the guy!!!! Just as I thought I was settling in as one of the wealthy locals!!

Cannes has a smaller promenade than Nice but still made for a pleasant stroll following dinner. Being glitzy Cannes had the latest mood lighting below the seating on the promenade. It changed colour every few minutes. It's currently pink in this photo.

Grand hotels line the main street in Cannes. I liked this one!!! Think it was the Carlton. It must have been a nice hotel because we were almost confronted by the paparazzi as we walked in front of it. Naturally they had no interest in us but the 4 individuals walking behind us!!! We didn't recognise them unfortunately.

Before we headed home there was just time to sit on one of the seats on the promenade and watch one of the big screens churning out an advert for a new TV show called Wipeout by Endemol who apparently make Big Brother. Then a spot of window shopping - Hermes, Dior, Bruno and Escada. I'd earlier spotted Cannes latest fashion accessory in the form of a black and pink canvas bag. Very nice and trendy it was and quite a few people had them. A quick mention of this to Andrew had him in stitches. It would appear it had nothing to do with Gucci or Prada; it was a freebie that was being handed out at a conference event which was taking place along the promenade!!! So..... I know NOTHING about fashion!!! I'd have still liked one.

Time to head home again. An interesting journey we had too as we approached our village of Collobrieres. Wild boar at the side of the road. I say wild boar only because Andrew had qualified it after I thought it was small lions!!!!! Well it was dark and I didn't have my glasses on. We turned round to see them again. Interesting 3 point turn too by Andrew as he almost drove straight into a car - it appears the 3 point manoeuvre confused him and he ended up on the wrong side of the road for a moment!!! Dunno which was scarier...... Andrew's driving or the wild boars. We would have taken a picture of the wild boars but neither of us had the courage to get out the car and get the camera bag out of the boot!!! So you'll just have to believe us that we saw them!!!

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