Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tales from my mobile

The Smith Museum in Stirling where we saw some Da Vinci sketches.

The Forth Road Bridge. Or possibly the Forth Rail Bridge.

An example of two women parking their cars.

Death by ketchup.

View of the cottage from the top of the shed.

Nice cuppa joe with a frog on top.

Parking space for very very short cars.

A pig and a bunny in France.

McDonalds espressos. Though I did ask for coffee with milk.


Monaco, from the Princess Grace garden.

Edinburgh from the office I was working in in George St.

Smiley face on the car.

A final send off to my SL72's.

This is where the sweets are made surely?

Stirling Castle through the mist.

Ice on my car.

The cottage in snow.

View from Deanston car park.



The fridge before Christmas.

The fridge after Christmas.

Now that the recession has hit, estate agents will live in houses made of for sale boards.

The "getaway vehicle" at the Hilton.

A big snowman.

More snowmen up Carnaby St.

Hansel & Gretels house at the Barbican.

You can't even escape Hamleys when you get to the airport.

Festive coffee.

Chocolate Santa - lasted about 5 mins after this pic was taken.

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GK said...

These made me smile so much! Hope you are all well. Gillian x