Saturday, 9 January 2010

09 January 2010 - Snow

This morning there was a robin outside the kitchen waiting to be fed. It would appear George the pheasant had eaten ALL the seed leaving not a lot for the little birds. Greedy George. Plenty of seed to go round though and this little robin got plenty of seed to munch on.

Heading out in the car, it was apparent not everyone was having a safe journey today. A lorry had for some reason decided to park on the Keir roundabout. It had come down the bypass but for some reason didn't manage to stop before continuing and parking up on the roundabout. Oops.

Andrew laughed at this picture since a rather awkward lamp post had got in the way of what is otherwise a picturesque photo of trees in Boness looking out towards a foggy Forth. However, I rather like the photo and think the lamp post actually makes the picture. What do you think?

Then over the Kincardine bridge towards Culross in Fife for a spot of birthday present shopping in the little pottery/gallery there. Always loads of nice stuff there and well worth a browse. It's even such a pleasant stroll through all the narrow streets and tiny houses in the village. It's won quite a few "best village" awards and you can see why. This picture is looking out across the Forth towards the famous polluting Grangemouth. Nice sky though.

Then back to the cottage for dinner. No sign of the snow shifting in a hurry.

In fact, the next picture was taken about an hour later as Andrew headed out to the shed to chop kindling for the fire. Looked like a bitter night was heading our way.

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