Sunday, 21 February 2010

20 February 2010 - Madrid

Our final day in Madrid and time to take a few pictures of where we stayed Hotel de les Infantas. It's categorised as a hostal not a hotel so doesn't always come up in all the typical hotel searches. But it's 4 star and I can't complain; it was a great place to stay and a brilliant location.

The hotel was just up from the La Casa de les Siete Chiminenas mentioned earlier on it the blog. We thought we'd better actually take a picture of the 7 chimney's in this haunted church.

Another shot of the hotel.

And our favourite Starbucks right on our doorstep. We had many a coffee from that place I can tell you. Way too convenient and not helped by the fact most Spanish hotels don't provide tea and coffee making facilities in the room.

View down our street from our balcony.

As with all our holidays we like to take a few photos of our hotel room. Both the main room and bathroom has lovely balconies overlooking the street below. Reminded me a bit of our apartment in the south of France.

Phoned for our taxi, packed in our luggage and it was back to the airport to begin our journey back home to Scotland.

What a fab trip and Madrid is a lovely city.

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Pamela said...

What a great trip you had! I wish it wasn't quite so far for us to go, as I now want to visit. Thanks for doing such a great job blogging it!