Sunday, 15 August 2010

23 May 2010 - Newcastle road trip

The end of the weekend meant a final trip in to Morpeth before the road trip back to Scotland begain. This is the Tallantyre gallery where we'd gone to see the Leigh Lambert exhibition.

This was the cafe where we'd had breakfast the day before - unfortunately it was shut on a Sunday morning so we ended up heading to M&S.

Interesting arches.

This was the first place on the coast that we stopped at, I can't find the notebook where I listed all the towns we did stop at though so I can't tell you where it is.

Nice post topping.

Looking out to sea there is this sculpture - no idea whats going on there.

Amber took this pic - she liked the church.

Next stop was at this misty coastal beach.

Drove up a hill and this was the view at the top.

Driving further north we stopped for fish and chips and stood looking out to sea to eat them.

Wandering round the corner we made it into the wee harbour.

Overlooking the harbour at the back of a pub / restaurant were rows of benches.

And filling the benches were rows of people eating fish and chips.

Some castle in the distance.

Next stop off point was Lindisfarne. The sign below warns you of the tides.

So we consulted the tide tables.

While Amber had a good look out to sea to check if the sea was on the way in.

It was too late for us to visit but hopefully we'll get back one day.

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