Saturday, 6 November 2010

15 August 2010 - Edinburgh

It being August, the Fringe is on in Edinburgh. We headed over to the National Gallery Of Modern Art in Edinburgh to see the "Another World" exhibition.

We then crossed the road to get to the Dean Gallery for a wee nosey, this sculpture sits outside in the gardens. Someone had put a penny just under his finger making it look like he was picking it up.

The Dean Gallery.

Bronze chap buried in the ground.

We then headed into Cowgate to see a graffiti exhibition. Well, we thought it was a graffiti exhibition. Turns out it was 3 or 4 large canvases in a makeshift outdoor cafe. Well worth the effort of fighting through the Fringe traffic to get there.

More of the graffiti.

And again.

Oh, and a cow.

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