Sunday, 2 January 2011

01 January 2011 - Leven

A New Year's Day tradition for me is to walk along a beach. I know, the weather isn't exactly tropical locally but it's a great way to blow away the cobwebs of the previous year. So it was off to Leven for the stroll this year. The same beach where Mr Vettriano painted his Singing Butler. Strange but I saw no-one waltzing on the beach today!!

It's a beach that had an industrial feel to it with the old disused power station in the background. But I think that's why it appeals in a funny sort of way.

Now tell me do I look cold, freezing or utterly baltic? If I had a bucket of coal on me I'd have rustled up a quick fire in that old power station just to keep warm!

And now for something a bit different. Leven has a green gym next to the beach. It's not on a par with the gyms in Miami but I couldn't resist having a go on it. Start the year with a bit of exercise.......why not.

Of course others decided on a more leisurely approach to exercise. Yeah I got the job of pushing and someone just sat there.

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