Sunday, 16 October 2011

13 October 2011 - Sicily

Porsche were hosting a golfing tournament at our resort and some of the guests had nice cars.

Headed out to Ragusa Ibla, which is the older part of Ragusa. Much of it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1683 but some of the buildings have been restored.

The old town has a very good ice cream parlour.

Balconies with strange gargoyles feature in Ragusa Ibla too.

Love the gargoyle wearing the specs in this picture!

Lovely homes and apartments in the narrow cobbled streets of Ragusa Ibla. Could have happily lived here and just watched the world go by.

View of Ragusa Ibla.

Restaurant Rusticana in Ragusa Ibla. Fab pasta dishes!

Road heading into Ragusa Ibla.

Just time for a goofy photo of Amber as we headed out of Ragusa Ibla.

Leaving Ragusa Ibla.

Our hire car, parked in Marina di Ragusa.

My Sicilian sunset :-) One of my favourite photos from our holiday.

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