Saturday, 13 April 2013

01 April 2013 - France

Today was day 1 of our Easter holidays - the alarm went off at 03:00 and we began the process of getting ourselves up and out and off to France.  After breakfast we made rolls with sausage for the in-flight snack - 100 times better than what Easyjet would serve up believe me :)

Got to the airport easily enough, crawled through the security process - any reason why there are so many security desks if only 2 are going to be manned? - then picked up our currency and headed to the gate to await the call.

The flight took 2hrs and 20mins from Edinburgh to Nice, coming in over the sea you think you're going to land on it but no, at the last minute, the runway sneaks out into the sea and you land safely.

After collecting the luggage we headed over to the new (to us anyway since we were last here 2 years ago) car rental centre and picked up our Clio.  (This came to be known as Clio no. 01 - but more later....).

With hardly any problems driving on the opposite side of the road we got to the Villa Pas Mai ahead of schedule, so much ahead we decided to go into St. Jean de Cap Ferrat to grab something to eat in order to give Alain & Cathy an extra hour to finish preparing the villa.  After a quick pit stop at the local boulangerie we headed to the Paloma Plage and sat above it enjoying our lunch.

Back to the villa, Ange unpacked while I snoozed - for a good hour :)

We then drove up to Eze for provisions, it being Sunday this was the first town we went through where a supermarket was still open.  Back to St. Jean to pick up a couple of pizzas for tea, then an early night for all of us, having been up since 03:00, 18 hours later at 22:00 we all crashed.

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