Saturday, 19 September 2009

19 September 2009 - Alexander Stephen & Sons Limited

Our day trip to Glasgow's Door Open event was drawing to a close. Andrew was recalling the story of his grandfather's early career as a draughtsman for a Clyde shipyard. As with many old stories his recollection was somewhat patchy but we knew he worked for Alexander Stephens somewhere in Linthouse. He also boasted about some huge vice his grandfather had added to his personal tool collection when he was at Stephens. Nowadays it's a couple of pens and post it pads but back then they helped themselves to anything..... even if it was nailed down!!!!

Having just visited Fairfields Shipyard offices we asked one of the restorers if he knew where his grandfather may have worked and if the buildings still existed. Well the Alexander Stephen offices still existed and we took a trip down to see them. Unlike the former building though this one has been fully restored and is now office accommodation.

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