Sunday, 27 September 2009

27 September 2009 - Granton Lighthouse

Edinburgh literally threw its "Doors Open" and we were intrigued by Granton Lighthouse. It's a building we have driven by a few times and liked. Whilst the appearance is that of a lighthouse you could be confused for thinking it might be something else because it sits a little bit back from the shoreline at Leith. The bulk of the building is red brick too - and I thought all lighthouses were whitewashed!

It houses a gallery space in the main part of the building. Nice space, not so interesting art work! Although these weather worn bricks I liked. They reminded me of a box of broken biscuits!

Managed to climb some very dodgy stairs, or should I say ladders, to access the lighthouse part of the building. Some great views.

The artwork on the walls wasn't holding my interest so my eyes wandered down towards the floor and the large "taped map" showing the boundary shorelines of Leith and lettering which I really liked which labelled the parts along the coastline.

"Bring to Life" artwork. Once again fab bricks but then there is the dodgy teddy bear in the corner wearing a pampers nappy. Why? Some artwork I just don't get!

View of the gallery space.

The red brick entrance to the lighthouse had that nice industrial feel about it.

Someone decided to have their workshop entrance seem more welcoming by 2 fisherman sculptures. They are posing as you'd expect any fisherman to pose. Not.

Two mixed brick chimney stacks and a selection of buoys give it that coastal feel even if you are a distance from the shoreline!

And here is the lighthouse itself in all its glory. Weird looking eh? Reminds me of the Oast houses you see in and around Kent.

A view from further down the street.

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