Saturday, 19 September 2009

19 September 2009 - Castlemilk Stables

Our visit to Castlemilk Stables was included in our Doors Open touring day. The building was a bit different to the old, lavish city buildings we had visited so far. The original stables lay in a state of disrepair for many years. Then a charity was formed in conjunction with the local community and funding was sought to restore the stables and turn it into a community hub.

The building itself won various awards for the architects Elder and Cannon. Despite having only a basic, ruinous shell to begin with they successfully restored it adding a much needed upper floor and a glass loggia walkway skirting the building providing a walkway round the central courtyard and giving access to the office space within. The building also has excellent eco credentials, heated by a ground source heat system. I want one of those for the cottage one day in the future!!!

This picture is taken from within the courtyard. Hard to imagine how such an expanse of glass could ever work or blend with this Listed Building but it does. The glass extension is NOT visible from the front of the building.

Castlemilk House used to stand close by the stables but it was demolished many years ago. Sadly a lot of the architectural salvage that could have been retrieved from the house wasn't, or it was pilfered, not sure which!!! One item which did survive despite being under water from the over flowing river was an oak fireplace.

The carved scene on the fireplace is that of Joan of Arc at the battle of Orleans. How it managed to survive despite being water logged heaven only knows.

The revamp of the building incorporated many of the features of the original building. Despite being extended a feature is still made of the stone end of the original stable block.

This shows you the additional floorspace that was added. This provides office space for Castlemilk Housing Association. It must be a pleasure to work in such a lovely office.

Another view of the glass loggia from inside the courtyard.

But the front of the stables cleverly hides the newness of the glass extension at the rear. You'd never guess would you?

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Lynelle said...

That fireplace is amazing! I've always missed Glasgow on my trips to Scotland. Seeing your pics from this tour makes me think I should remedy that on the next visit,