Sunday, 12 July 2009

07 July 2009 - Balmoral Castle

Today we set off for Balmoral Castle, as the Queen isn't on her holidays at the moment we were going to be able to get in. En route we stopped off to stretch our legs and admire the countryside.

All buildings should have antlers on them.

Part of the gardens.

The castle from the gardens.

A "cottage" in the grounds.

Another view of the castle.

Water feature.

Thistle detail on the top of the turrets.

Another garden.

At Balmoral you're only allowed to see one room inside - the ballroom - and you aren't meant to take pictures so I had to sneak one on the way in......

On the way home we stopped to climb a hill.

Views from part way up.

And then a C130 flew over. (I only know its a C130 because Don told me).

Pamela, Abby and I gave up about half way up, Don, Alex & Amber carried on walking up to the top.

The cars waiting patiently on the road.

Don & Alex at the top.

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