Sunday, 19 July 2009

18 July 2009 - George

For those who have visited us recently at the cottage, you'll be aware of our new feathered friends that have set up home in our hill. It's a family of pheasants. Amber has truly welcomed them into the family and named there accordingly. There's George the male bird and he has 2 lady companions.......Philippa and Philomena. He makes himself quite at home and if you are not out quick enough with the seed he'll jump up onto the Wendy house and peer inside the cottage trying to get your attention!!

...... then a quick skip and a hop and he's up on the shed now for a better look!!!

Maybe we are at the back of the house so a quick trip on the wall beside the decked area to check if ANYONE IS COMING OUT TO FEED ME!!!!

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Lynelle said...

I miss country life!