Sunday, 19 July 2009

10 July 2009 - Ghost Walk

Years ago a group of us from work went on the Stirling ghost walk. I remembered how much I enjoyed it, especially when one of the actors, dressed as a pale corpse [is there anything other than a pale corpse?] leapt out from behind a gravestone and attempted to chat me up. Killing myself laughing I told him he wasn't my type, to which he replied "I should hope not; I've been dead for years!" Well the whole group were in hysterics.

So what was the point of telling you that, oh yes, I thought it was worth going to see the latest Ghost Walk with our American visitors. This year's tale was all about Jock Rankin, the town's last hangman. Starting at the Old Town Jail, we headed up towards the graveyard hearing tales of all the characters who were hung, mostly witches and bad men!

The room at the top of the above building was where they kept the last chap waiting to be hung.

As the actor spilled out his story we followed him round the graveyard. How appropriate a location therefore to be eaten alive by midges!!!! The place was heaving with them.

You maybe can't see this in the picture below but there is a statue of a rather camp gentleman perched half way up the front tower. He looks more like something you'd see in a fairground. I think he was Jock Rankin.

We paused for a moment as we were told who the people were in the various statues in the middle of the graveyard. I cannot recall who this one was but he appears to be giving the holy father the finger!!! He'll never get to heaven!!

The evening ended in the jail cells.

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