Sunday, 19 July 2009

10 July 2009 - Glencoe

Ok, today we headed up north to Glencoe. The next few shots are pictures of the hills on the way up. There are a few so stick with us because there's a good one that comes up after them!

Another mountain

and another one.....

yip, you guessed right........ another mountain

oh and for good measure.........another mountain

and in case you were getting fed up with mountains........ here is a picture of a mountain

Switching themes now, I told you it was worth sticking with. At the base of the mountain there is a lovely waterfall. Despite wearing the most inappropriate form of climbing footwear [flip flops] I braved the side of the waterfall and clambered up to a spot and paddled my toes in the lovely clear water. I would love to say the water felt warm but for anyone who has visited Scotland, you would know I am lying. It was chilly. Amber clambered back down to the safety of the car, she was like a mountain goat, sure footed whereas I remained flipflop footed. Got down safely though without falling.

and we just sneaked in another mountain, for good measure.

The next picture shows that well known Beano character Gnasher. Now what is Gnasher doing up Glencoe? He is part of the National Trust current campaign to get kids interested in their heritage etc. You find some Gnashers at various National Trust locations then you send off for a bag of Beano Goodies. Amber was hooked anyway.

And back to our favourite mountains.

I would love to say we climbed each and everyone but we didn't.

We did however stop at the Green Welly Shop. No trip north is complete without a stop off here. Our visitors carried out some retail therapy. We got some coffee, 2 cups actually, the first I accidently spilt all over my bairn! Thankfully no burns; I am such a clumsy fool. She did however get a new pair of trousers though since she happened to be wearing white ones which were now embossed in coffee stains.

By the way can you spot us in the picture? Look very carefully.

We are hiding under the 3 traffic cones!

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