Saturday, 8 August 2009

01 August 2009 - Aberdeen

There are many National Trust properties around Aberdeen and it was tricky chosing one but we settled for Fyvie Castle and Gardens. We were heading north to Banff and it was on our way.

As you'd expect the gardens were beautifully manicured offering some delicious looking fruit and veggies.

No idea what the significance was of the stone statue of the lady slap bang in the middle. Perhaps it was to provide some amusement for the gardeners as they worked away.

As with many gardens we visit, you are never far away from a sign reminding you of those little furry creatures that would gladly help you devour all the fruit and vegetables you have grown.

And what is it about weddings? Lo and behold another one was taking place at Fyvie Castle. Well the National Trust has to look for many ways to put extra pennies in the bank. Seeemed like quite a grand affair too.

Gardeners tip coming up now. If you want your carrots to be free from carrot fly then plant a row of marigolds in between. I think that was what my late father in law told me!!!

Then we drove north and soon arrived at the beach in Banff. What a great stretch of sand ideal for a long, lazy stroll. Seemed like we walked for miles.

No matter which way you turned just miles and miles of sandy beach.

And yes, another possible coastal development opportunity!!! However, this one had a bit of the public toilet look about it!!

Back down the road to Aberdeen, for a nice meal in the Olive Tree Brasserie. I went for the rabbit on the menu whereas Andrew opted for liver and Amber went for her favourite sea bass. The restaurant is on the Queens Road, Aberdeen beside some fabulous and enormous granite houses.

The evening wouldn't be complete without another stroll along the seafront.

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