Saturday, 29 August 2009

29 August 2009 - Tales from my mobile

Loch Lubnaig.

Amber at the bar.

View from a gallery in Edinburgh.

How we stopped the women at work using the toilet.

A handy guide to finding the toilets at Stansted airport.

Yummy milkshake.

The funky blue Nissan Note which saw quite a bit of London.

Panda in a bad way after his accident.

The x-ray showing Pandas injuries.

Canary Wharf from the cinema in Greenwich.

Amber trying out her dj-ing skills on Charlottes decks.

The clinical rabbit warren that is the Big Yellow.

A magical mirror.

Joey on the bus.

Man on a hedge.

Car on fire holding me up on my way to work.

Day trip to Warrington food badness - biscuits.

Day trip to Warrington food badness - sandwiches.

Day trip to Warrington food badness - burger king.

A baked bean.

Funky red Nissan Note.

Bunny and monkey at the airport.

I go to the toilet and Ange and Amber are all over the video games.

More cake.


Hob-nobs. Yummy.

Mackerel in a bun - trust me, its delicious.

Near Dundee.

A sheep - what every toilet door needs.


My foot in a cellar.


Fish and chips.

10 disposable hankies from work - thats me safe against swine flu.

The greedy squirrel - he may have got some of Ange and Ambers lunch but he got none of mine.


Lynelle said...

I'm unbearably envious of your plush critters.

Pamela said...

I think we have a photo of Loch Lubnaig at the exact same spot!