Tuesday, 4 August 2009

25 July 2009 - Dunfermline Abbey

We headed out today in search of some more National Trust places which were close to the sea since the weather was going to be hot today. Dunfermline Abbey was on the way to the beach at Aberdour so that was where we headed. After wandering up the cobbles towards the Abbey we were turned away since a wedding was about to start. Judging by the ruinous state of the outside of the Abbey I just hoped it would stay upright long enough for the ceremony!!

A lot of effort was put into the pathway up to the Abbey. Nice granite monoblocking made for a nice stroll.

The wedding party was well underway. We were nosey and stood for a short time watching proceedings.

We got fed up with waiting so headed down for some lunch before taking a casual stroll back through the park. I thought it was a shortcut but as usual my shortcuts take longer!

So it was through the shrubbery.........

...... down through a little tunnel and over a bridgeway..........

...... and 30 minutes later back at the entrance of the Abbey!

We had to be quick inside since lo and behold ANOTHER wedding was due to start. But not before we managed to sneak inside and look at the lovely stained glass windows.

Stonework inside could have done with a scrub down.

The light shining through the stained glass made for a colourful floor.

View down from the gardens of the Abbey. You can just see the Forth Road Bridge.

Andrew zoomed in to see it more clearly.

King Robert the Bruce ruled the roost at the Abbey and obviously had to personalise it in some way......... subtle or what?

Few more photos then the beach was calling us.

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