Sunday, 14 October 2007

Friday 12th October

All night it rained. And thundered. And lightning lit the sky. And of course there was more rain. Also, intermittently the power would go which meant a trip in the dark to the fuse box. Then, around 7 in the morning there was an almighty bang - Ange thought the lightning had blown the tv while I thought someone was trying to break in the front door. So, I got up to have a look, and found that outside, it was flooded:

In the pic above, where the water looks like a pond, that should be a step down onto the lower level of the patio. Had a look round the corner and found the cause of the big bang:

The side boundary wall had collapsed with the force of the water coming down on to it. Satisfied that nobody was trying to break in and that the tv was still viewable (for the one English language channel I could understand, CNN) I took a few more pics of the villa. See below for the water streaming down the steps onto the lower level of the patio.

Below see the side of the villa, water coming down off the roof onto the pool of water below which was creeping up to the bottom of the silver vent. Not sure what the vent is for, but the tv was still working so I wasn't that fussed.

Out the front door we had a lovely scene. Waterfall from the roof together with streaming water coming down the steps which led off to the right to the car which was getting a jolly good wash.

Another view of the lower patio showing the water coming down the steps.

Heres the car getting the wheels washed.

Another view out the front door, the rain doesn't want to stop.

In fact, the rain is getting heavier and has filled the pool and its overflow and its all still streaming down the steps to lower ground.

Better view of the full pool:

Now, you remember Orgi who I had to rescue last night? Well, Amber had got hold of him and apparently he had a broken nose and fins so had been confined to bed. [comment from Ange here........ "that was Orgi?? jeez I thought it was you having a nap!!"]

Finally, it stopped raining, so we took a trip out and about to see what damage had been done. Getting to the car was an achievement. Had to roll up our trousers and bare foot it to the car before putting back on our shoes. We looked like 3 masons. Water was so high. We got along to Moraira and as you can see, the sea is a bit rougher than yesterday. Stopped in the town for a sandwich and a drink and the cafe had the local news on. Even though we don't speak fluent Spanish, we got the general gist that there was an awful lot of rain damage, in fact, as we watched one report, the reporter was standing on a bridge over a river, about 18km up the road from our villa, showing cars being thrown down the river into the bridge - and then the bridge collapsed. Suddenly, police everywhere clearing people off the bridge, a very clever bit of reporting I thought.

In the pic below, you can see a wall thats fallen down beside the road. I hasten to add I [Ange] was the photographer for the next few shots which is why you get more of the inside of the car than the interesting outside scenes. [Nice air vents in the car dash]

And another one. [great air vents..... so I included them in this shot too]

This part of the road had a landslide on it so a bulldozer had to sort things out. [what a groovy windscreen wiper don't you think?]

More stone wall in the road. [sneaky peak of the old wing mirror]

Almost back to the villa now, and the pic below shows the beginning of the hill climb up to it. Imagine a single track road with zero visibility, it has a reverse camber at the bottom which you can see, then you turn 90 degrees to your left and hope that nothing is coming down the hill towards you as the incline is much steeper and theres no way they'd back up, you'd have to back down the hill. You can see the water still streaming down this hill, going up the spray was coming up onto the windscreen.

Finally, a break in the rain, so there was an opportunity to get a better picture of the wall that had fallen down.

Another surprise did await us though when we got back to the villa, the water was now out. We reported this to the rep who told us she hadn't been able to get out of her villa all day as the roads in Calpe were flooded. Playing it safe, we headed the other way again to Moraira to get some bottled water - just as the heavens opened again.

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