Sunday, 14 October 2007

Tuesday 9th October

After yesterdays long trip down to Alicante we decided to stay more local today. Drove down to the centre of Calpe and parked up and headed towards the beach overlooking the big rock. Bare feet at the ready and we strolled along the beach front passing bairns carefully building sand castles and some rather elderly folk wearing not alot and exposing way too much leathery looking skin!!!! eughhhhhh!!!

Our villa is up in the hills but as you can see from this picture the hotels housing all the tourists are located immediately behind the beach. I think we chose well!!! The seafront was typically touristy with a selection of tacky gift shops and cafes/pubs.

Beyond the beach we headed up onto a sweeping paved area and followed it round the hills. Lovely views of the sea with some more spectactular villas overlooking the sea.

You could also see the Timon Restaurant where we had dinner. It's the blue and white building in the picture below. We went there twice the food was so good.

Amber decided to do a spot of spying on one of the hilltop telescope thingys. Looking very much the scientist don't you think?

I had a look through the telescope too and managed to locate and few choice villas overlooking the sea. This one in particular caught my eye. It seemed to have various levels / stories. Could quite easily lose myself in this villa.

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