Sunday, 14 October 2007

Saturday 13th October

Saturday morning brought with it the sunshine.

And a chance to see the wall down without water.

The pool area was almost dry.

As it was the last day I took some pics in the villa, this is the living room.

The dining room.

And heres the view from the balcony of the bedroom on the top floor.

And still on the balcony, my attempt to get Amber to climb down the roof.

View from the living room back to the kitchen / dining room.

From the dining room back to the living room.

The wardrobe - Ange liked it, say no more.

Around 10 in the morning when we were meant to be out of the villa the owners turned up to look at the damage to the wall. I carried on washing while Ange chatted to them. I should mention that we had to wash using bottled water as we still had no running water, for reference, no of bottles used: Angela 11, Andrew 1/2. {I smelt of roses and he smelt of pooooooooo.] We set off to Alicante to kill time before heading to the airport in early evening for our flight home. Tried to go down through Calpe but the roads were still flooded so instead, we climbed again to Moraira before switching on the TomTom to guide us safely to Alicante. Stopped off briefly in Moraira to take a picture of an interesting roundabout. [mates of Orgi's!!!]

Parked again at the marina and had a quick lunch before heading up to the shops for a last minute look around.

Getting towards 5 now so we headed off to the airport, booked in, flight was on time and we got back to Dunblane around midnight - and I slept for most of Sunday.

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