Sunday, 14 October 2007

Thursday 11th October

Having breakfast on the terrace, this was the view over to the sea.

And looking back at the villa, this is the view. You can also make out Amber in motion.

This was the dining area inside.

After a lazy morning at the villa, we headed down to Moraira to have a look round. Unfortunately having arrived at 3 in the afternoon, everything was pretty much shut however, we managed to make it down to the beach for a quick paddle. It was too cold to sunbathe - which perhaps should have given us an indication of the rain that was to come.

After Amber had made a fort, we headed off to the local tourist information office to ask where the restaurant Girasol was - this was a 2 Michelin star restaurant that had been recommended in our holiday literature and we intended to head there for our evening meal. Unfortunately though, the tourist information lady told us it had been shut for 3 years. Good that the holiday company are up to date ehh? She did however recommend a restaurant called La Bona Taula which was on the road out of Moraira so we took a drive out to it. I thought it looked a little bit run down from the outside [ comment from Ange here......... he actually said it looked SEEDY!!!] so sent Ange in to have a look [like I know my way around SEEDY joints!!!], her report back was that it was lovely inside so as she couldn't see anyone inside we rang up to book a table for 3 that night...

Coming back for dinner around 8, the restaurant was very very good. The staff were very attentive and helpful and the food was as good as anything we would have expected from a 2 Michelin star restaurant. The only downside was that for most of the night we were the only diners, another couple arrived around 10, for the quality of food you'd have thought the place would have been booked to capacity. Leaving the restaurant around 11, the rain was coming down quite heavily, this was the start of the storm that lasted all night.

Back at the villa, after Amber had been put to bed, Ange was worried about Orgi (the blow up dolphin, remember?), anyways, I was sent out in the driving wind and rain, dressed only in my boxers (not a pleasant sight for anyone watching) to rescue him from the pool and leave him in the shower for the night. Madness.

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