Sunday, 14 October 2007

Saturday 6th October

Our day of travel progressed well. Journey to Glasgow Airport was fine and Easyjet flight was on time. All we had to do was think about having a pleasant week away in sunny Spain. At Alicante airport we picked up our hire car and again all seemed to go well.

Andrew took to the wheel and remembered to drive on the right side of the road.........or is that the wrong side of the road. The first 3/4 of our drive was on the main N332 Toll Road; the last few miles reverted to a less advanced road which rather quickly started to meander up into the hills on the east coast of Spain. Knowing you are climbing quite high up and with darkness settling in I was becoming quickly unsettled by the close promimity to the cliff edges. The Spaniards are not generous when it comes to roadside crash barriers. Andrew's stress levels were truly tested as we mistakenly drove past our final turning to our villa. We turned round having realised our mistake and were faced with what the travel company called a steep, poor road.............. STEEP????? POOR?????? you can say that again. We headed up the aforementioned steep poor hill in a seated position more reminiscent of NASA take off!!! The G force had only settled on our faces as we spotted "mail boxes on sticks" which were mentioned in our travel directions at which point we were told to take a sharp left turn down yet another steep poor road. Now at this stage I was thinking the travel company were having a laugh. This was like being on a rollercoaster!!!!

But then there it was before our eyes. Our lovely James Select Villa. Got the key from the coded box and I was given the task of reversing the hire car into the gated driveway. A quick reccy of the villa was closely followed by a good nights sleep after our long day travelling.

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