Wednesday, 12 May 2010

01 May 2010 - Aberdeen

The one thing I like about Aberdeen is the mass of granite buildings in the city when you drive into it. Each time we visit we seem to spot a building we hadn't noticed before. This art deco building was quite special.... well if you like deco.

And I wish more towns and cities would adopt the street signs they use in Aberdeen.

I suggested this picture be taken since it demonstrates Andrew's parking skills. If a bollard gets in your way when you find a peach of a parking space....... just drive into it!!!! Only kidding, it was like that before we arrived. It still looked funny.

After munching our way through a curry at Nazma's we headed up the coast in Aberdeen to do some ship spotting.

A ship entering the harbour at sunset time!

The harbour that never sleeps. Is it just me or do harbours at night fascinate anyone else?

And look at this beast of a ship complete with full helicopter pad.

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