Thursday, 13 May 2010

02 May 2010 - Pitmedden Garden

Time was marching on so we headed out to see the nearby Pitmedden Gardens. A warm welcome awaited us from 2 high five boxing hares on the front lawn. Absolutely no idea of the significance!


Much of the planting of annuals had still to take place so we were not blessed by waves of colours. However all the neatly trimmed box hedges were a delight to see. And also the carefully pinned fruit trees against the wall. Always amazes me how they manage to get it looking so uniform.

There were larger hedges around the garden which, as Amber noted, wobbled when you punched them! Ooops.

From the upper part of the garden looking down, you can see the detail of the box hedges. Thistles and the Saltire were popular.

And more pruned trees.

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