Thursday, 20 May 2010

03 May 2010 - Crathes Castle

I thought Crathes Castle was built in a very similar style to Craigievar. Both castles were built within a few years of each other. This one isn't however bright pink!

There are beautiful gardens next to it to which we loved exploring.

One section of the garden was called the camel garden. I swear we hunted high and low for any sign of a camel. We were then told it's because that section of the garden undulates a bit; like 2 humps on a camel! Well that would explain.

And now for a spooky story from the castle. On the top floor there is a room which has a mirror hanging above the fireplace. If you move close to it on the left hand side, and stare across it side aways, there is the face of a woman in it. Not everyone experiences it. They were all synical about it and I admit so was I until I stood and looked and there it was the face of a woman!! Blimey!

There was also the strange story of the smell of pipe tobacco whafting around the house. One of the guides smelt it and went in to the room where it was coming from, ready to give the person a row for smoking in the castle. Nothing! Other staff have experienced it too.

i thought these hedges were nicely trimmed and looking like aliens from another planet! And guess what? They wobbled too when you punched them! Can't take that child anywhere!

A little bird takes a leisurely stroll round the garden.

A last look back at the castle before resuming our trip.

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