Thursday, 20 May 2010

03 May 2010 - Duthie Park

A trip to Aberdeen isn't complete without a wander round Duthie Park. It is also home to a very special bench/seat that's inside the glasshouses, in commemoration of Andrew's dad. This is the entrance to the glasshouse areas.

Amber has a facination for cactus so we headed to that glasshouse first of all. Makes for a great game of hide and seek.

And I so hate this big ugly plastic frog but every time we have to go take a look at it and throw pennies in his pond. There's a mechanical movement in the frog which makes it rise and fall out of the water at set intervals. Great for kids to see for the first time but totally so predictable and boring for us adults!

It's a bit early in the season but in the summer you can hire a rowing boat in the small lake in the park. We did that last year with Andrew and Amber getting soaked.

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