Thursday, 20 May 2010

09 May 2010 - Peoples Palace

Today we headed in to Glasgow to see the "Peoples Palace. This was the rather impressive fountain at the front.

Above the entrance was a birds nest - which had rendered the entrance shut. Luckily there was another door only 2 foot to the right allowing you in.

Stone at the front.

When you go through the building you get to the large glasshouse at the back. As well as having all the foliage its got a great cafe - but it is very warm in there.

Sculpture in the glasshouse.

Another view.

"And through the round window"

Billy Connollys boots.

Billy Connolly.

How life was when I was a boy.

The glasshouse from the top.

How the old Buttercup Dairy shops used to look in Glasgow.

The palace from the green.

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